A Goddess-Based Path to a Sustainable Future

My talk from the Parliament of the World Religions, “Sanatana Dharma and Earth Liberation: A Goddess-Based Path to a Sustainable Future,” is now available in article format at Sutra Journal.  The article is an ecological reading of the Ramayana epic, meant to serve as a guide in this age of corporate globalization, climate change, and mass extinction.  I see it as an authentically Hindu (note that I do not mean the only authentically Hindu) response to the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century.  Some learned pandits who are very familiar with Ramayana were present at the Parliament and said that they found my reading refreshing but also faithful to the text.  That makes me feel good as a convert to this tradition keenly aware of the dangers of appropriation.

I would also like to encourage everyone to support Sutra Journal, which is mostly a labor of love as far as I can tell.  There is so much garbage on the internet these days, and it is nice to have a site filled with informative articles that actually matter, both intellectually and spiritually.  If you take a look at one of the issues, you’ll see that it’s a very ambitious project.  So please support the journal so that it sticks around and does not fade into the ether.  We need more voices for the inner traditions, the religious aspects of yogic practice that are missing from so many of the health and fitness publications.