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at ganapati's feet cover

At Ganapati’s Feet: Daily Life with the Elephant-Headed Deity by David Dillard-Wright

Have you always wondered about Ganesha or Ganapati, Hinduism’s elephant-headed deity?  This book explains what the iconography of this deity means as well as how to perform a basic home puja ritual.  Dr. Dillard-Wright (Janyananda Saraswati) tells how this much-revered deity came into his life.  He teaches how Ganesha can make the “spiritual” and the “material” come together in daily life for the sincere devotee.  Spiritual bloggers have already given the book very positive comments:


I read a LOT of books and occasionally one of them makes me say “WOW”…this book is one of those. Reading David Dillard-Wright’s book At Ganapati’s Feet yesterday had my brain whirring, my heart bursting and all kinds of epiphany moments. David takes you on his own personal journey with Lord Ganesha, and it is moving, beautiful and downright inspirational.

The book not only gives you information on who Lord Ganesha is and how he works with you but also includes guidance on how you can work with him in return and takes you through some of the daily spiritual practices you can use. This book for me personally is a bit of a life changer.

I read this on the Kindle but I will be pre-ordering a paperback copy as I think this one will be in my ‘well thumbed’ collection. ~ Rachel Patterson, Witch, High Priestess and Author
This is an interesting little book, about a big subject, Ganesha the elephant-headed deity. It details the adoption of daily Hindu practice by a man who describes himself as a Christian, and is also a professor of philosophy. His handling of the topic is open, honest, straight-forward and thoughtful. It is well worth the short time it takes to read and raises many interesting topics in integrative religion and spirituality. ~ David R Kopacz, MD., Author of Re-humanising Medicine
Beautifully written, this is a charming and engaging book exploring spirituality in a number of ways. Author David Dillard-Wright talks personally about his relationship with Hinduism and his devotion to Ganesha. He also explores more intellectual and traditional aspects of faith. I found the considerations of aspects of Christianity and how Hinduism can cast them in a new light utterly engaging. For anyone interested in comparative religion, it is entirely worth buying the book just for this chapter. As someone with a purely academic interest in other faiths, I found this book as interesting as it is engaging and can very much recommend it for those who are simply curious. It is a book that allows you to explore and experience without demanding that you do or think anything. ~ Nimue Brown, author, When a Pagan Prays

Now is the time to renew your relationship with Lord Ganesha and jump start your life.  Order a copy now!


Meditation for Multitaskers: Your Guide to Finding Peace Between the Pings

By David Dillard-Wright

Adams Media, 2011

224 Pages, with CD

ISBN: 1440524904

Also available in Dutch as Meditatie voor Multitaskers, 2012

Frightening new studies show that technology and the demands of our busy modern world are sabotaging our creativity and innovation. Now there’s a practical plan for recovering focus without ditching phones and computers! “Meditation for Multitaskers” cuts through the blur of everyday life to offer readers the relief they sorely need. With its fully modernized lessons in mindfulness, this book will help readers: improve concentration; fight memory loss; reduce stress; heighten creativity; and, much more! Readers will find guided meditations in every style, tips for making the most of the few minutes they have, and even a guide to turning distracting technology into tools for achieving better focus.


Pranayama: Converting Stress and Anxiety into Inner Joy

By Ravinder Jerath, MD

AuthorHouse, 2009

We live in a time when medical discoveries and scientific breakthroughs give us the opportunity to delve deeper into the connection than we ever thought possible. 2D and 3D computer graphics have allowed scientists to merge cutting edge information with a vision that could not be adequately expressed with words alone. These abilities bring clarity to the existing stockpile of Eastern wisdom regarding the relationship between our mind and body. Though the picture is far from complete, the increasing synergy between these two bodies of thought is allowing us a thorough understanding of the basics. The primary topic of this book tries to understand that the mind/body connection isn’t stationary. The human mind is likely to run up and down the Spectrum-a colorful basis on which Dr. Jerath has placed human emotions into categories- on a daily basis-from angry to happy to depressed to calm-and these changes are reflected in our faces, our perception of our inner and outer reality and our physiology. One change does not happen independently of the others because every shift in the Spectrum means something specific and if we’re going to get the most out of ourselves, we need to recognize the variable yet predictable nature of the mind/body connection. Our faces predict our moods like the weather man predicts the forecast. Recognize that, and the power of meditation and pranayama becomes easy to understand, both as a way of holding off downward shifts and as a way to shift upward to greater calm and increased consciousness.