Patches are here!


The new patches have arrived and are available for members, new and old!  The patch features the anahata mandala with its seed sound.  The year, 1633, refers to the trial of Galileo by the Catholic Church.  It reminds us to protect the life of the mind, including empirical science, even as we pursue our spiritual quests. The year, 2012, refers to the founding of the society.  Shree Maa and Swamiji gave their blessing to the Society on April 27, 2012 from Delhi, so the organization is about to have its third birthday!  The three dots after each letter of the initials are a convention in esoteric societies.  In our case, they refer to the nine gates of spiritual progress and the nine gates of the body, among many other meanings.  The somewhat Americanized spelling of “satsanga” refers to Sri Ramakrishna’s prophecy that he would live in the subtle body of his devotees for three hundred years, and that he would have many devotees in the West.

The patch is an outward sign of an inner transformation, that one commits oneself to the mission of the Society.  We affirm that the life of the mind must be balanced with the intuitions of the heart, that the masculine and feminine forces must find union, and that human society should find its proper place within the rest of nature.  We believe that all people, no matter what race or ethnicity, no matter what economic status or background, sexual orientation or gender, have access to the divine within the shrine of the heart.  We take the tradition handed down to us and propagate the teachings to the next generation of seekers from all walks of life, bringing the Sanatana Dharma one step closer to the crack of the ages at the dawn of Satya yuga, the Age of Truth.

To claim your patch, please contact David or Sabrina.  They are offered free of charge: donations for postage are welcome.  Put the patch on a hoodie, on your yoga bag, on a prayer shawl, or wherever you like.  Let it remind you to uphold the values of the Society and to also remember the other members in your devotions.  Jaya vijaya bhava!